Statesmans Signature's 2016 stud fee is $1100.00 which includes a $450.00
booking fee.

Payments are due as follows:
1.  $450.00 non-refundable booking fee with signed contract.
2.  Balance of $650 is due by check prior to first shipment.

Personal checks accepted.

Breeding is by cooled shipped semen, or alternatively by frozen semen (see below)

For 2016, Candlewood Equine, 2 Beaver Pond Lane Bridgewood Connecticut 06752, will do semen collection. Vet is Dr. Ronald Emond, (860) 355 7770.

The mare owner is responsible for all collection and shipping costs which are estimated per shipment as follows:



Collection and shipping and container fees are payable directly to Candlewood Equine.

Collection & Semen Processing: $250
Shipping via FedEx: price varies with destination. Disposable Shipping Container: $35.00 or Equitainer Rental $50 (mare owner responsible for insurance and return shipping.)


Domestic Frozen Semen: The mare owner will pay the stallion owner directly a booking fee of $450 plus a $250 per straw fee for a minimum of two (2) straws of frozen semen of known quality (minimum total of $950 plus shipping and container fee). Shipping is at mare owner’s expense Via Fed-Ex in Vapor Shipper. The Candlewood Equine Fee to load and charge is $221.50. The deposit on the Vapor Shipper is $1000. Shipper must be returned to Candlewood prepaid 2nd Day FedEx. The deposit will be refunded upon receipt of the Vapor Shipper. Late return will incur a $48 per day charge.

DNA Typing and Cooled Semen Permit for Statesman's Signature is on file with The American Morgan Horse Association.

AMHA Number 142813

A current cooled semen motility report is available at the beginning of each breeding season upon request.

For more details, you may download a copy of the full breeding contract by clicking here:

Breeding Contract Sigi 2016


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