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Laurel Okorofsky
Two Hearts Ranch
Rosendale, NY
Monday, July 25, 2011

Hi Marthe,

Here's your little grandson, looking all grown up as a trail horse at Spring
Farm (Mohonk Preserve, NY) this morning.

I've got him in an "s" hackamore, which allows him to eat and drink on the
trail. He can now trot non-stop for nearly two miles without breaking a
sweat or breathing hard. At just 3 years old now, he'd probably keep going
if I didn't pull him up! He's got a nice and easy, swingy stride to his
trot and, while he's not as fast as his mom (thank goodness) who is a full
Standardbred, Baron seems to be able to cover ground efficiently. He's a
clean mover, which is important for a trail horse, as protective boots can't
be used in competition.

I'm having Lori's custom-made endurance saddle re-worked to fit Baron's
back, and plan to introduce him to the sport of competitive trail riding
next year, as a 4-yr old. So far, he's brave and sure-footed. We ride
alone in the woods with no trouble at all, and he's great in company, too.

As you can see, he stands tied to the trailer, and will soon experience his
first camping trip. In the future, my plans for him include eventing and
dressage, as well at competitive distance riding. I have a cart for him as
well. He seems well suited for *all* the fun times ahead. We love our Sigi


Sprite standing

Alexis Soutter
Wednesday July 1, 2011

Hi Martha!

I wanted to send you some updated pictures of Sigi's 2006 filly Sprite.
She has matured so nicely I thought I'd send you some new photos. Sprite is everything you could possibly want from a Sigi baby - smart, sane, sound, sensitive, and a beautiful mover. I have been introducing her to jumping and my
jumper instructor is blown away by her athleticism and work ethic. She
doesn't usually care for non-TB/WB type horses but absolutely adores
Sprite! The "action" photo is from the first day we started jumping
her, she's usually a little more correctly in the bridle but it's the
best picture I have of her beautiful trot.

Just though you might like the update. :-) Thanks for having a
stallion who throws such wonderful babies!


Sprite trot

Sprite standing

Laurel Gross
Two Hearts Ranch
Rosedale, New York
Wednesday June 15, 2011

Hi Martha,

Attached pictuer of Baron, age 3. Just did a 9.5 mile ride at Mohonk with his momma. In true Morgan style, this boy's gonna do it all. His shoulder and set of his neck are getting rather perfect for a sport-horse as his topline levels out.

Now standing 14.3 and counting.

Baron Age 3

Suzy Stafford
Stafford Carriage Driving
Coatesville, Pennsylvania
Friday June 10, 2011

Hi Martha,

Hunny survived her first real driving show. She won the dressage with a 35., 12 points in the lead. She was great in the cones and in the marathon. I did take my time with her on the X-country as she is not that fit and I wanted to walk her a bit in between the obstacles. She was awesome. She acted like she's been to 100 horse shows. Nothing bothered her!

She is on to a pleasure show on Sunday to put in a few more easy show miles until she matures a bit more. Next year she will have a full show schedule.

Hunny June 2011

Kim Weichert and Wendy Weichert
Jacobus, Pennsylvania
Wednesday, February 9, 2011

We are happy to share some of our winning moments with Eowyn from 2010. Eowyn working towards a dream and goal of BLM championship classes. We were very happy with Eowyn's first year in the dressage show ring and look forward to many more. She resembles her Dad and we are extremely delighted with her kind disposition, willingness to go the extra mile and her ability. And mostly her beauty! Picture below is of Eowyn and Kim Weichert.

Kim Weichert and Eowyn

Suzy Stafford
Stafford Carriage Driving
Coatesville, Pennsylvania
Monday July 9, 2010

Hi Martha,

I finally got around to the photo shoot. Like a true princess she loves to be photographed! Enjoy.


Hunny Summer 2010

Hunny Summer 2010

Maggie Powers
Monday June 22, 2010

Hello hello!

I have so much to tell you! Toga and I just got back from a seeming marathon of shows. We were at Connecticut Morgan two weekends ago and just got back from Granite State. Firstly, her behavior was fanatastic at both, i couldn't ask for better. At Connecticut we came in third overall at both training and first level, all of our scores in the 60s. We also won the AMHA medal class :) Granite we were third overall in training level (by half a point!) and reserve champions of first level. All our scores with in the 60s (and a few high 50s haha). We also were youth contest champs and the winners of the dressage pleasure class. Overall pretty sucessful :) One month until new england...we have alot to do! L

Maggie and Saratoga

P.S. I attached a picture for you!

Saratoga reserve champion pic

Patty Sullivan
Monday June 22, 2010

Hi Martha,

Here is a new photo of Dinero. He is a going to be a very careful, cute jumper!

Hope all is well.


Dinero jumping

Donna Carlson
Middle Creek Morgans
Monday June 1, 2010

Hey Marthe,
Here a few new pix of Stoli for your website...pick whichever you like...he's looking awesome and so much fun to work with...needless to say...I will be bawling my eyes out if he should leave me but a good home would be worth it.

Talk to you soon.
Love ya,




Wendy Weichert
Owner: Signed Eowyn (Statesmans Signature X Bridgett Mallet )
Tuesday, 05/25/10

Hi Marthe,

I wanted to let you know Eowyn has started her show career in dressage at training level. My daughter is riding her with hopes to make it to BLM. We attatched a couple pics from her first MDA show. She was fantastic at the show, she acted like she had been doing it for years. The judge loved her and we could not be more proud of her. She reminds us alot of her dad.



Maggie Powers
Owner: Battersea Saratoga (Statesman's Signature X Battersea Nica)
Thursday, 01/29/10

Hi Marthe!

Below is my and Saratoga's 2009 show record:

NEDA Spring we were awarded a medal for winning our class with above a 65%
NEDA Spring Dressage Show 2009 High-Score Award 65%+
Vermont Morgan Horse Show 2009 Reserve Champion Training Level
Granite State Morgan Horse Show 2009 - Intro &Training Level Champions
New England Morgan Horse Show 2009 - Training Level; Third Place Overall
Massachusetts Morgan Horse Show 2009 - Training Level; Third Place Overall

For Year end awards:

Both region and national reserve champions for USEF Morgan dressage
Recognized for achievement at Training Level by USDF
Heritage Dressage Association: Third overall showing Training Level Test 4
Awarded a Morgan Dressage Association $500 Scholarship for 2009
MDA Award of Excellence Training Level 5th overall
MDA Young Rider Champion


Maggie and "Toga"

Laurel Okorofsky
Owner: Baron Von Joppenburgh, 2008 Statesman's Signature Colt
Thursday, 01/19/10

I just stopped in at your website, and saw the news about the USDF All Breed award!! Wow, you both rock. All your hard work has paid off big-time, Marthe. It makes me very emotional, really. You are the ultimate partner for this wonderful stallion. I am so lucky to have my terrific colt from him. Baron is doing great! Lots of look-at-me-attitude, he is going to be a spectacular show horse, I can't wait to get him started. I plan to drive him this summer, as a two year old. He's been ground-driving beautifully, and while I think he's on the small side (just under 14 hands at 18 mos, what do I know?) his body is getting round and strong like his Morgan ancestry promised. He has a perfect, natural canter and LOVES to jump, the little bugger. Best thing about him is his can-do attitude! He is confident and smart and the love of my life!

I enjoyed seeing Sigi at Equine Affaire; he was napping in his stall for quite a while, then got up, stretched deeply like in a yoga class, took a grand long pee, and stood there for me to adore him. Wonderful!

-- Laurel

Deb Kieffer
Parlor View Farm
Thursday, 08/20/09

Good morning! Just had to share this with you about my Hunny...she is with our trainer, Bonnie Poyer, and has been just since Sunday to prepare for the NY Regional Show. Bon called me this AM to say she can't wait to ride this filly, that stride and suspension that she has! Very nice when the trainer is in a hurry for the young ones to grow! Please thank Sigi for me! Deb

Deb Kieffer
Parlor View Farm
Thursday, 12/11/08

PVF Peace of Mind (Statesmans Signature x JPR Have Mercy, foaled April 2007) scored 70% in Sport Horse Suitability at the Western District Morgan Horse Show May 24, 2009! She sure is the postcard pic of a sport horse!

Hunny June 2009

Donna Carlson
Middle Creek Morgans
Monday June 1, 2009
I've been following your progress Marthe, and am so proud and happy for you both. I've been waiting to post to everyone about Sigi's boy, Stoli (Middlecreek Signature b. June 19, 2008 - Statesmans Signature x Cameos Ellusive), until I had new pix, but will update now...no new pix yet. In April, my farm hosted a riding clinic with Michael Bragdell of Hilltop Farm. I rode Ben and had an in-hand lesson with Stoli. It was great fun. I asked Michael his honest opinion on Stoli as a sporthorse prospect and whether he thought he should be cut. I felt that he was very worthy as the breed but wanted a sporthorse authority opinion. He liked Stoli very much...thought he looked a lot like the warmbloods that he is used to working with and said to keep him a colt for now. "Nice conformation and very well-mannered for a yearling. He is a little long, typical yearling, but is put together well, has a beautiful head and nice leg, nice walk but his trot was a bit tense...expected." It was the first time anyone other than me handled him and he did a beautiful job. Taught me some very good pointers and Stoli did the breed proud. I believe he will be 16+h. Everyday we are working on something new...go out for big boy walks, jump some jumps on the lead, walk thru puddles, etc. He approaches everything, even after an initial fear, as if to say, Hello, I am Stoli, what are you? He adores people...first to approach everyone at the fence...no one believes he is a colt. Most people that come to my farm are not familiar with the breed so they are surprised that they are so funny, curious, and kind...even the colts;)

Deb Kieffer
Parlor View Farm
Thursday, 12/11/08
Hi Marthe! Just wanted to update you on Hunny...PVF Peace of Mind. Hunny is now in training with Scott Root of Cornerstone Training Stables. Inquires can be made through Scott or myself. She is just a love, still and we have high hopes for her! Hunny is carrying a bit, and is being broke to harness. At her tender age of 1, she is 14-2 hands! There has also been a change in our email... ParlorViewFarm@directv.net is the contact email. Have a wonderful holiday!

Laurie Russell
New Hampshire
Monday, 11/17/08
Hi Marthe,
I met you at the Equine Affaire and I wanted to say how thrilled I was to see Sigi "in person".  He is such a beautiful Morgan inside and out!!  Thank you so much for talking with me and coming to meet my little buckskin guy Dillon.  I look forward to seeing more about you and Sigi!

Ann Schmidt, DVM
Friday , July 11, 2008

Dear Marthe,

Attached are some pictures of Genie's colt by Sigi. We love him! He’s bold and curious. With his bright color he just sparkles when you look at him. He has lots of substance and a strong hindquarter.  If he wants to change direction he doesn’t circle – he pivots!  He is a pretty self confidant colt.  We have handled him a lot, including quite a bit of time on the ground during his first couple weeks so hopefully he has a good foundation to build off of. He still needs a name, though.
As far as the color…Genie’s sire is Statesman’s Finnegan (by Chief of State), owned by Charlie and Nancy Hoppel. We were doing some linebreeding back to Chief of State.  So the chestnut wasn’t a surprise but the sabino was a little unexpected. This colt has a white blaze, white chin, white hind stockings, and two white belly patches (one on either side of each testicle!  A client suggested we call him Private Patches.)  There is also roaning coming in on the body. Interestingly, the front feet were white at birth but those front coronets are chestnut color so they are coming in dark now.
It was a bit surprising the morning he was born to open the amnion and pull out so much white. Especially for someone who has 7 bay Morgan mares with nary a thumbprint of white among them!  He is refreshing to look at though! 


Ann Schmidt, DVM
Briarhill Morgans

morgan mare

morgan mare

Laurel Gross

Wednesday, June 17, 2008


Maybe you'll find a picture here suitable for your website. I see a lot of
Sigi in his face, no?

This is a sweet, friendly, out-going foal. He is easy to work with.

A case in point: As you can see, he is sporting a bandage on his leg.
In his exuberance, he tripped and needed 6 stitches to close a wound
on his cannon bone, which requires me to change his bandage everyday.
I can do this by myself, the little guy has gotten used to the routine
and now stands still with that front leg raised on my lap so I can
replace the dressing. As a 12-day old colt!


Laurel Gross
Two Hearts Ranch

morgan foal

Foal with dog


Laurel Gross

Thursday, 1/24/07


As my lovely mare's belly grows, thoughts of what that baby might look like come to mind.  This maiden mare is a sporty Standardbred, with lots of happy competitive trail miles to her name.  That we were so fortunate to meet you and Sigi, so close to home, is one of life's special and uncomplicated coincidences.  

Sigi is as talented a Morgan as can be found, a true testament to the Morgan breed and why his offspring are so important.  Just one look in that dark, liquid eye and you know he's the real deal.  I look forward to seeing what he's helped create as this year unfolds.  

Laurel Gross
Two Hearts Ranch

morgan mare


Donna Carlson

Tuesday, 9/11/07

Hi Marthe and Rita, I wanted to let everyone know that my mare, CAUM Cameo's Ellusive (Camie) is in foal with Sigi. She is an eight year old maiden mare and it took "three times a charm", but she is now @ 7 weeks. I cannot tell you how excited I am. I have been a fan of this incredible stallion for a number of years now. I cry every time I watch his video--it depicts the beauty and heart of an amazing Morgan stallion. I believe that this match will make an exceptional foal. I am enclosing a pic of Camie, although I cannot capture her true beauty. She could be a model of a true Morgan mare-- although she is a tall 16h, is beautiful, feminine, sensitive, and intelligent. I hope to meet Sigi in person some time soon. Continue your good work with Sigi and please post new photos. Thank you for everything. I'll keep you posted. Donna Donna M. Carlson MIDDLE CREEK MORGANS 144 Middle Creek Road Gilbertsville, PA 19525 610-331-6643

Camie Morgan mare in foal to Sigi


Deb Kieffer

Saturday, 9/8/2007

Dear Marthe, It was wonderful to speak with you and I look forward to our actual meeting soon! PVF Peace of Mind aka Honey out of JPR Have Mercy (Saddleback Sky Pilot x Saddleback Celeste) and "your man" arrived on 4/27/07; a strapping, yet refined bay filly with her father's beautiful head and eye and an attitude that would please any Morgan owner. She is built for movement and has such an easy going I can do it attitude-my husband says "Honey" makes us look good! Honey is all bay with a tiny white blush on her hind hoof, lots of cowlicks and I think will be dark. As I said, she could be purple and we wouldn't care, we just love her! Many thanks to Rita Hanson and Sigi for making this breeding easy and settling our beautiful mare so easily! Honey is offered for sale to that special person who knows what a Morgan can do!



Janette Giles

Wednesday 3/14/2007

Hi Rita and Marthe I wanted to share some pictures that I just received from the one and only jumping show we have done. It was this past fall. While my form over the jumps has much to be desired, it does not effect Spencer! It will be fun to see what he is like this year!!!

Spencer jumpin 06

Saturday, 12/10/05, 5:35 AM
Really, I'm from Finland and Sigi is just amazing! One of my friends found these pages and she told me about this. I think Sigi is most beautyful morgan that I've ever seen. My friend have got Morgan but Sigi better and more beautyful that Gero (it is name my friend called her horse). We have got fanclub called "Sigin fanittajat". That means "Sigi's fans". We love Sigi!
From: Finland, Kuopio

Friday, 12/9/05, 6:03 AM
I am amazed at Sigi, he is gorgeous! I am the owner of one of his 2002 offspring, Crescent Lake Berri Wyne. She has amazing gaits and extensions and you can tell that she got them from Sigi. Berri is doing very well, she's 3 now and we showed in training level dressage at mass. morgan this past summer and hope to continue. If you want any updated info you can e - mail me.
From: Naugatuck, CT

Ingela Andersson
Monday, 7/4/05, 10:45 AM
What a beautiful stallion! Many greetings from Harby Morgans in Sweden!
From: Sweden


Jan Baynton
Sunday, 6/19/05, 12:52 PM
Had 3 Morgan mares before my divorce 11 years ago. Finances simply don't allow it, but someday I WILL have a MOrgan again! Sigi is gorgeous and I appreciate your emphasis on his intelligence and fabulous disposition! Does he have some offspring that are more typical Morgan size, like 14.2- 15.0? Any mares from Colorado who've bred to him?
From: Fort Collins, CO


Lori Lindenmayer
Friday, 5/6/05, 1:15 PM
Your story about the rainy competition at Devon is Great. You should submit it to one of the magazines; Good luck with your beautiful stallion. I love to ride Dressage saddle too and in the past 3 years have added Carriage dressage cde with Triton Classic. My Questor Karmen will be a nice dressage saddle horse, too. Sincerely, Lori Lindenmayer
From: San Jose Ca


Pat Schwartz
Friday, 9/3/04, 10:53 AM
Hi Rita...just wanted to give a little update on "Cutter"...Fawnwood Signature Image... We have started a little more formal training...just a little light lunging ...wearing a bridle and surcingle for the first time. Cutter took all in stride...so accepting...even when we couldn't get the surcingle off of him (it hadn't been used in a long time...stiff leather). My friend/helper for his little training sessions is totally impressed with his attitude and acceptance of all the new stuff..."my off the track TB's wouldn't be this calm"... He is just so much fun to work with...all the best to Sigi and all of his offspring...hope everyone is enjoying their babies as much as I am. Pat in Minnesota
From: Stacy, Minnesota


Martha Burke
Friday, 3/19/04, 12:39 PM
Hi Rita! Hope Sigi is enjoying his new digs at home! I wanted to tell you how sweet Derby, our 2003 Sigi colt is and how much we love him! He is doing really well and is very big,(14 hands at 10 months), and leggy. He is in a pasture with a 3 year old mare I hope to breed to Sigi later, and he is nearly the same size as she is! He looks as if he'll be a liver Chestnut like his grandad too. He has such a sweet temperament even though he is still a full male. Please come and see him soon. XO, Martha
From: Upperville, Va


Ashton Burk, Nicole Shuchart and Caitlin Skelly
Friday, 3/5/04, 8:41 PM
Hi Mrs. Hanson...ur horse is pretty!! We love its color...see ya later
From: New Freedom PA


Janette Giles
Tuesday, 2/24/04, 3:49 AM
Hi Rita and Sigi So nice to see the wonderful entries in this book. Kathy brought tears to my eyes! I wanted to share with everyone how Spencer is doing. He is now boarded at the best place around so he can start training. I have been doing his training myself with the help of a long-time friend/trainer. After a couple weeks of working in a surcingle, he had a harness on for the first time the other day! He is now long-lining off the bit, which he does so wonderfully. He understands the concept of lungeing, and walks, trots, whoa, and stands on long reins. He will stand perfectly still while fussing (me not him) with equipment. What a doll! Everyday I work with him it reminds me why I put Sigi and Spirit "together" in the first place!! I cannot stop smiling! And I love it when I have him in the barn and the other boarders/workers oooh and ahhh over him and say how cute or handsome he is. I will soon send you pictures of him in harness and ground driving so you can add it to his page. Sigi's first- born is something he should be proud of! (Sorry this is so long....)
From: Bangor, Maine


Kathy Quinn
Sunday, 2/15/04, 11:43 AM
Hi Rita, i don't know if you remember me, I am Janette's oldest sister. I was with her when we met u at mid A in 2001. I have to say it has been a pleasure watching Spencer grow up, and to be apart of his coming into this world, and witnessing the kind of horse he is. it is hard to believe he is going to be two years old this year, my how they grow up fast. Spencer is as beautiful as his personality is wonderful. he is smart and funny, he seems to accept new thing in stride.
From: Bangor Maine


Megan Connolly and The Connolly Family
Sunday, 1/4/04, 9:30 AM
Hello Rita and Sigi! Just dropping you a note to give you a quick update on "our girls" (Ella and Gwen). Both are doing great and are proving to be so easy to handle and care for! We just love their dispositions! Thanks and we'll be sure to keep you posted as the 2004 show season gears up!
From: Zimmerman, MN


Pat Schwartz
Friday, 12/19/03, 7:17 AM
Hi Rita and Sigi... Just got a look at your recent updates to the web site...beautiful! Love the farm tour ...I'm sure Sigi will be very happy there. Don't you just love having him at home! To any people scanning these pages looking for the perfect stallion to breed to their mare...if you want a gorgeous baby and a great temperment...you probably will find it in Sigi. My mare, Devilwood's Brittany, presented me with a Sigi baby this past April and I just love him. You may have already seen his picture on this site...Cutter...he has the most wonderful temperament and I am having the best time working with him. He is kind and very easy going...but also has the Morgan up headed, tail in the air attitude when he plays in the pasture. He has won my husband (a non-horse person type husband) over completely...he actually now goes down to the barn and spends time playing with Cutter and even the other Morgans as well! Thanks again Rita and Sigi for this wonderful addition to my horse family! Pat Schwartz Fawnwood Farm Stacy, Minnesota
From: Minnesota


Lis Jenkins
Sunday, 6/8/03, 6:05 PM
Hello Rita,just want to let you know how much we are enjoying our Sigi baby Crescent Lake Berri Wyne. She's very sweet and easy to handle. Berri did not shed out to a liver chestnut as expected, but kept her chestnut color.She's a big girl, as big as the 2 year old filly she lives with. Berri loves to be groomed and fussed over.She stand on cross ties, clip, picks up all four feet etc. She learned to longe in absolutely no time at all, (when I expected to be dragged all over the ring) and loves to show off for the big horses. Are all Sigi babies this easy going and obedient ? Really, I could not ask for anything more.

Lis Jenkins
From: Connecticut


Pat Schwartz
Tuesday, 5/6/03, 7:24 AM
My Sigi baby arrived on Sunday, April 27, 2003!! The two-year wait was well worth it! "Cutter" is a beautiful bay colt with a small star. His temperament is wonderful. He is very, very friendly and easy to handle. We are having a blast getting to know each other. A BIG THANK YOU to Rita Hanson. Rita has patiently worked with us through two breeding seasons and has become like "family". I would strongly recommend to anyone not only Sigi as a stallion; but also Rita as a stallion owner who takes a personal interest in the mares and owners who are breeding to her stallion. Before selecting Sigi, I had contacted several Morgan stallion owners who never returned emails or sent out videos they said they would send...Rita responded immediately and followed up with me with her video within a matter of days. When my mare did not conceive the first three breedings, Rita contacted my veterinarian personally to discuss issues. My mare is an older mare with only one previous foal...Sigi's semen ships wonderfully...as my veterinarian commented several times..."I wish all stallions shipped this good!" Thank you Sigi and Rita for my beautiful colt!
From: Stacy, Minnesota


Sara C
Monday, 4/28/03, 8:26 PM
This is absolute torture!! I am crazy about Morgans and when I graduate from med school I plan on getting back to dressage and jumping. Sigi and his offspring are the horses I've been dreaming about! That's where the torture comes in ...knowing they're out there and yet so far away...
From: Duluth, Minnesota


Liz Tinney
Tuesday, 12/31/02, 8:11 AM
Rita and friends: Your account of Signature's conduct and eye-catching movement at Devon just about left me in tears! Your stallion has some ineffable yet breath-taking quality, even in those still shots, that speaks boldly of his world-class legacy soon to happen. More baby pictures, please, if you have time, especially of "Berri" and 'Saratoga": what lovely creatures! And what about "Cadence" jumping the fence! When I first saw 'Sigi" online, I thought, "Wow! That's the horse I've been trying to write poetry about all my life." Now I'm convinced - he's the ideal. Please accept this awkward attempt as my Christmas gift to you and the magnificent Statesman's Signature. Circles Empty rein so light a fly could move it, leading rein is steady, yet behind it horses wheel around midair. Double pressure only halts! Fully moved or fully still, pulling silk through leather reins, mouth and arms one circle. Horse and rider flow united; loving children, lost in play. Liz Tinney, copyrighted 1993 From page 116, "The Tao of Dressage."
From: Bakersville, NC


Saturday, 11/30/02, 5:53 PM
Rita, He is beautiful! Thanks for sharing. I'll be sure to show him to Beth. Then again, maybe not cause then I'll have get her a horse too ;) Matt
From: Baldwin, MD


Walt Seelig
Thursday, 11/21/02, 6:59 AM
Rita asked me to relate a recent incident concerning Cadence, my 5 month old colt by Sigi out of my mare Jubilant. The other day I had finished walking him up and down our road for some halter training, and had placed him by himself in my lower pasture while I brought down my other horses from an upper pasture. I could tell he was agitated at being by himself, but I figured it would be no big deal since I would only be gone a minute or two. The view of my lower pasture is blocked by my bank barn, so I couldn't really see what he was up to. When I returned I found Cadence inside my barnyard. Since the gate was firmly closed, the only possible explanation for him being inside was that he had jumped the stone wall that encloses the barnyard. At its lowest point this wall is almost 3 feet high and 2 feet across. At this rate he will be jumping 21 feet when he is 3!
From: Glen Rock, PA


Pat Schwartz
Tuesday, 11/5/02, 10:40 AM
Update on Devilwood Brittany...bred to Sigi for a 2003 foal. Although my original plans were to have one of the first Signature babies in 2002...nature had other plans for us. A year ago, when we knew our plans were going to be delayed by at least a year, 2003 seemed soooo far away...but now, we are almost half-way to our May 2003 foaling date! Devilwood Brittany, an Orcland Leader granddaughter by Bar-T Emerald, is just past her 5-month mark. Brittany is 18 years old and this will be her second foal. She is a light chestnut with flaxen mane and tail with attitude to burn. Before foundering 10 years ago, she was in training for combined driving and dressage under saddle. She is 15.1 with a huge trot which she loved to open up on the driving trails...she is very bold and extremely intelligent. Her first foal is now 4 and a very, very handsome boy...almost 15.2 with a very big ego...but also very willing to please me. Judging from Sigi's first crop, I am anticipating great things from this cross!
From: Minnesota


Janette Quinn
Monday, 11/4/02, 12:38 PM
Just signing in AGAIN - to report on Spencer (Sigi's First Impression). Spencer turned 6 months old on Saturday! I cannot believe it. He is such a smart colt as he leads, clips, trailers, stands for farrier, and is learning about ground tying which he does really well with. Spencer is such a little "boy". He is very willing and catches on to things very quickly, however is quite bold. At just a couple months old, he would go off on his own and come back to the barn without Mom. This had made weaning quite easy. Oh and conformation! I hate to say he is perfect but we are yet to find anything wrong with him! His bold, brassy, fun-loving attitude along with his size (12.2h at withers and 13h butt high at 6 months)is sure to make him the perfect event horse. [sorry, he is not for sale:)}
From: Bangor, Maine


Liz Tinney
Wednesday, 7/10/02, 1:49 PM
Surfing around for beautiful pictures, I stumbled upon your lovely web site for your stallion, Signature. Not only was the presentation and quality of pictures by far superior to the other 30 or 40 Morgan web sites I visited, your text was riveting. And Sigi is moving unbelievably well for his age! I am sure you won't push him too far, too fast under the tutelage of Paul Belasik (I used his material in my master's thesis, The Tao of Dressage, so I know what a consummate horseman he is). Then I visited your foal crop page and nearly fell off my chair! What amazing prepotency! What eyes (temperaments)! What hips and shoulders! Best of luck with your amazing sire. I'll keep his safety in my prayers! Liz Tinney
From: Bakersville, NC (Mountains)


Erica Brodsky Wise
Thursday, 6/20/02, 1:31 PM
I knew Sigi as a foal at Spicey's side, but moved away and stopped riding with Lynn shortly after he was born. He was a cool foal, and its great to have happened across this web page and seen what happened to him! He looks terrific!
From: Massachusetts


Michelle Doty
Tuesday, 5/21/02, 8:25 AM
Aside from praising your awesome stallion, and his gorgeous first baby, I'd like to say thanks for this guest book, because in it I discovered I wasn't the only Morgan owner in Texas with a Statesman grandson! I've had a delightful time comparing notes, and learning that the other Texas colt's dam is my colt's grand-dam, and they both share a sweet, quiet, smart temperaments. Give me a year or two, and I'll get my mare Kaila bred to Sigi next.
From: Austin, Texas


Suzanne Harford
Saturday, 5/18/02, 9:55 AM
Congrats on the first foals! Hope to actually meet up with you at Mid-A this year.


Lara Schwartz
Monday, 5/13/02, 2:55 PM
I grew up with a girl whose family owned a couple of Statesman Farm morgans and every once in a while I check the web to see what the Statesman Farm progeny are doing. I saw your stallion and fell in love. I adore Morgans and if I weren't 5'7" and leggy I'd probably own one now (I have a 16hh Hanoverian that is also very nice). Coincidentally, I drive up to Paul Belasik's for lessons about once a month-- he is just the best teacher and he has a great eye for horses. Congratulations on Sigi and I'll be in your "rooting for the Morgan" section from now on. Best, Lara Schwartz
From: Washington, DC


Janette Quinn
Wednesday, 4/24/02, 8:44 AM
Well, Spirit is 342 days today, waiting for the first ever Sigi foal!!! She is doing well and could go any day. I am going crazy waiting. Figured she would hold out just to give me anxiety, although she is extremely affectionate to me. Like "Mom, why am I so fat? What's going on?" I, and Rita, will keep everyone posted. And to Battersea, glad your mares are doing well too!!
From: Bangor, Maine


Monday, 4/22/02, 8:14 AM
Battersea Morgans is proud to announce that two Sigi foals will arrive here in two weeks - with great anticipation! We search far and wide to find stallions to enter our 20 year old breeding program!
From: Lexington, Virginia


Danielle A.
Tuesday, 4/2/02, 11:58 AM
"Sigi" is one of the most beautiful Morgan stallions that I have recently seen. My Morgan filly would make a wonderful cross with him once she grows up a little more! Good luck with Sigi!
From: New Jersey


Chris Aiken
Monday, 1/14/02, 11:50 AM
Just wanted to let you know that I think Sigi is just absolutely beautiful and that you have done a wonderful job with him. I was inv loved with Morgans all through my childhood & young adult years (lost my last gelding 4 years ago to colic), worked with warmbloods for about 10 years and I am now searching for another Morgan as a dressage prospect. You CANNOT beat the Morgan mind set!!! Good luck in the future!
From: Chester Springs PA


Dee Norlin
Friday, 12/21/01, 2:51 PM
Sigi is absolutely one of the most incredible Morgan horses I have seen. His floating trot is wonderful to see, and most importantly, he is a real "lamb"! Thank you Rita for showing us your lovely horse. And I can't tell you how exciting it was to ride Sigi...it was the highlight of my visit to Pennsylvania. We are seriously considering Sigi as a future sire for our buckskin filly Bar None Spring Brooke. Brooke is only 1 1/2 years old now, so she needs to grow up some more before we consider breeding her. But a cross with Sigi would be awesome; it would concentrate that Flyhawk blood, as well as produce some likely color. We will definitely keep you and Sigi in mind. Dee Norlin
From: Iron River, Wisconsin


Ruth Radcliffe
Saturday, 12/8/01, 8:22 AM
We saw Sigi at the 2001 Mid A and really liked what we saw. I was showing my mare in the Training Level classes and can relate to the sloppy mud on Saturday and Sunday!
From: Myerstown, PA


Thursday, 9/27/01, 4:51 AM
Your stallion is just beautiful! I have a "little" Warmblood as well (15.2hh), but your boy is a terribly attractive individual. All the best!
From: Australia


Janette Quinn
Tuesday, 8/28/01, 6:23 AM
Rita, as I have already mentioned, Sigi is as wonderful in person as he is in pictures! I am so fortunate that I was able to meet him (and you) at Mid-A, and witness his wonderful performances. I am very excited for Spring to come and have my Signature baby! Congratulations on your Mid-A winnings!
From: Bangor, Maine


Martha Burke
Tuesday, 7/3/01, 4:41 AM
This is all in retrospect because I was so impressed with Sigi that I have already bred my mare to him! Sigi seems to be the perfect morgan gentleman sport horse. Excellent temperament, beautiful movement, strong and athletic build, and even a bit of size thrown in! I am VERY excited about getting a Signature baby! I can't wait til spring!
From: Northern Va, Upperville


Sunday, 5/27/01, 9:27 PM
Rita, got the link off the BB board. Sigi is beautiful. Congrats on such a lovely stallion!!!!


Debbie Kimble
Saturday, 5/26/01, 5:45 AM
What an incredible horse & beautiful face! Know where I can find one just like him, already trained for advanced beginner dressage rider? Thanks for sharing photos of your lovely Sigi!
From: Birmingham, AL


Melanie Staley
Friday, 5/11/01, 7:51 PM
I had the honor not only to ride Chief of State but to handle Spicy (his mother)as well. I still recall the morning that I found Signature. He was always up for a new adventure! From his first leading lessons, to learning to pick his feet up, and loading in the trailer. I always knew that he was going to do great things in his life. It fills my heart with joy to see that he has!
From: Cody, Wyoming


Michele North
Sunday, 3/18/01, 7:21 AM
Sigi looks like a great horse- the look of the morgan combined with the athletic and mental ability to take the dressage arena by storm! I look forward to talking with you.
From: Marshfield, Ma.

Elizabeth B
Wednesday, 3/14/01, 3:23 PM
You have a very nice site and horse. I've seen your web address on the Ultimate Dressage BB, and this time I actually came to your site. There are many lovely pictures, and helpful information to breeders looking for a stallion. I've never bred before, but hopefully I'll have a baby from my mare in several years. What a gorgeous horse!
From: Kansas


Tuesday, 3/13/01, 12:55 PM
You can see the intelligence and kindness in his eyes and head. I have requested info to have my mare bred. He is some handsome guy who really catches your eye!! Your web site is the best I have seen in my "stud" search; the information you provide answers (almost) all my questions!
From: Bangor, ME

Pat Schwartz
Thursday, 2/22/01, 6:26 AM
Sigi caught my eye in your first ad in the Morgan Horse mag...very nice looking stallion. Looks like you will have lots of fun with him in the dressage arena. You have a beautiful web site and the information you supply is great.
From: Stacy, Minnesota

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