February 2016

On February 26, 2016, PVF Peace of Mind (Statesmans Signature x JPR Have Mercy) will be inducted into the EQUUS Foundation USEF Horse Stars Hall of Fame in Palm Beach, FL. as the EQUUS Foundation states, "the horses inducted by the EQUUS Foundation have had a life-changing impact on people."

Congrats to Suzy Stafford of Stafford Carriage Driving, and of course Hunny, Sigi and Mercy.

Hunny again

January 2016

We are proud to announce that PVF Peace of Mind (Statesman Signature x JPR Have Mercy) the charismatic eight-year-old Morgan mare, reached unbelievable heights in 2015 and has proven to be unbeatable with owner Suzy Stafford. In the carriage, in an astonishing feat of competitive excellence, “Hunny” won in each of her three FEI combined driving events this year, including the CAI2* Hermitage Classic in Goshen, Ky., the prestigious CAI2* Kentucky Classic in Lexington, Ky., and a second consecutive win at the CAI2* Live Oak International in Ocala, Fla. Most importantly, Hunny’s dominating performance in all three phases of competition at Hermitage earned her and Stafford the 2015 USEF Single Horse Driving National Championship by an incredible 14-point margin over their closest rival. Hunny has been undefeated in the dressage arena this year with Stafford. Demonstrating her versatility under saddle, Hunny was undefeated at First Level ridden dressage and crowned First Level Show Champion at the popular Massachusetts Morgan Horse Show this summer.


February 10, 2015

We received this news from Laurel Gross...


I have to touch base with you about my wonder-kid, Baron von Joppenburgh (Statesmans Signature x Loris Strongside.) It was a really good breeding, although unconventional, and I want to thank you for that. Baron is 6 1/2 now, and as an endurance prospect will be in serious work this year. I hope to do a few 50 mile rides with him, as he handled the 25 and 30 milers with no trouble at all. No surprise, considering his sport-horse bloodlines. But what you must know are these little things, which speak to the true versatility of the Morgan. Today, I introduced him to the idea of letting me grab his tail and trot around while I smoothly skied being him. He is a cool little horse. Loved it. Then I took him out on the snowy trails after a full month of no riding at all (ice). He was hot to go, but kept his head with no spook. No games. Remembered all his lessons. Pure joy! And lastly, while attending a session at the Equine Affaire all about "easy gaited horses" I figured I'd try my hand at asking Baron's Standardbred half to step up. And in no time, about 2 weeks, I could say I've got a running walk and a stepping pace which are smooth to ride. These "alternate" gaits will be lovely to have on those long trail rides. And he still has the ground - covering trot so sought after by endurance riders, as well as the BEST canter I have ever ridden. I've got a full custom saddle on order for him, which he deserves. We are going to have a great time this year.

Hugs, Laurel

PS. Yep, he walked up on the deck after a training ride just to say hi. Those are ice boots which we use after long workouts.

December 10, 2014

Black Legend Seahawk (Statesmans Signature x Wntergreen Susanna) sadly died of colic in early September 2014. The 9-year old Morgan gelding was consistently scoring in the upper 60's in his first showing season at Open dressage shows. Our condolences to his owner, Marcia Zarb.



November 25, 2015

Lots has happened in the last six months, both with Sigi & with his offspring. Sigi and our trainer, Louisa-Marcelle Eadie of LME Dressage, showed at 4th Level this season, with a median score at 4-1 of 70%. It was good enough to qualify them for Dressage At Devon, where they placed 5th out of a large field of mostly warmbloods, and improved their score by nearly 5 points the next night in 4-1, riding under the lights! (SEE PHOTO OF LOUISA & SIGI EXTENDED TROT. PHOTO CREDIT: MARK VIGNA WHOTOOKTHAT.NET)

Sigi at Devon 2014

Here is a photo of one of Sigi's offspring, a 2006 filly named SPRITE, doing her first horse trial during the 2014 show season. Sprite & her Amateur Owner came in 6th at this trial, and 2nd at her very second one in October 2014! SPRITE May 2006 Bay Filly Statesmans Signature X SBF Spirit Chaser (Morab) Owned by Alexis Soutter, Connecticut .


March 6, 2014

We are extremely excited and proud to announce that Suzy Stafford and PVF Peace of Mind (Statesmans Signature X JPR Have Mercy) have been named to the USEF Long List. Read the full article here on Dressage Daily! Also view their February winning dressage test below. Assolutely stunning!!


November 4, 2013

Blacklegend Seahawk (Statesmans Signature x Wintergreen Susannah, foaled 2004) is pictured below at his first dressage show, 2nd time off the farm, winning Training 1 with a 62%, and scoring an "8" on gaits! Pictured with his trainer, Emily Emond. Congrats, Seahawk!! The second photo is also of Blacklegend Seahawk; he's on the left of this photo, after his win at T1 this weekend with trainer Emily Emond riding.

Seahawk Oct 2013

Seahawk 2


October 22, 2013

Congratulations to Suzy Stafford and PVF PEACE OF MIND (Hunny), a filly out of Statesmans Signature x JPR Have Mercy, on their Morgan Grand National 2013 titles!!

National Champions Driven Dressage (scoring an 82% on their test!)
National Champion Carriage Driving Working
National Champion Carriage Driving Reinsmanship
National Champion Carriage Driving Cones Obstacles
World Champion Carriage Driving
World Champion Carriage Driving Cones Obstacles

Hunny Oct 2013

October 1, 2013

Introducing two year-old gelding, Minglewood Chieftain (Connor), Statesmans Signature x Kerry The Tempest (Kerry Freedom). Owned by Debbie Fairbanks of Minglewood Farm, WI. Looks like his grandsire, Chief Of State!

Chieftan 2013

September 30, 2013

LIBERTINES SIGNATURE at the Morgan Individual Breed Class at Dressage At Devon 2013 TaTa walked on that trailer without batting a linguine lash...she rode 5 hours down (b/c Mummy had a bum GPS); unloaded without incident. She had her first bath, got her braids done, stayed cooped in a stall for 48 hours. Then she went into the warmup where there was a *minimum* of 20 horses at any one time right on top of her. She again didn't bat a lash. She went in the ring, did her job like the Daddy's Girl she is. Rode home another 3.5 hours, unloaded in the dark and didn't have so much as a bad second. I am SO proud of this little Gal. She is already a superstar mentally...physically she has loads of growing up to do but you cannot train *heart* or a GREAT MIND! That comes from her Daddy, and her Mum.


More Devon News! Pictured below is Middlecreek Signature, a/k/a Stoli, bred by Donna Campbell Carlson of Middlecreek Morgans. Donna writes: "Stoli won the Morgan IBC Class for the 2ND time at Dressage At Devon 2013. Once might be chance, TWICE is confirmation!! Stoli is an awesome Morgan, just like his dad, Statesmans Signature!! Thanks to Suzy Stafford of Stafford Carriage Driving for sponsoring the Morgan Individual Breed Class at Dressage At Devon 2013. Stoli is just trying to be like his AMAZINGLY accomplished Daddy... One helluva Morgan's hoping he can reach his goals:)

Stoli DAD 2013

September 21, 2013

Rita Hanson, Owner of Battersea Thaddeus (Statesmans Signature X Battersea Nica) sent this news. Congratulations Rita and Tat!

"Today Tat and I successfully completed our first competitive distance ride! I was so proud of him. He has come so far in the last year. He is becoming so brave at tackling new things. He did high bridges over Rt 273 and echoing tunnels, and seems to have completely mastered water and bicycles. He received the "Judge's Choice" award for our division."

Thaddeus Fair Hill CDR

July 21, 2013

Offered for sale: PVF ALL DAY LONG (Statesmans Signature x JPR Have Mercy). "Lilly" is a *full sister* to CDE Driving Champion PVF PEACE OF MIND (Hunny). Foaled May 2013, this filly has both a gorgeous trot & excellent canter. She will be a Sport Morgan superstar! Please contact owner Deb Kieffer at


February 19, 2013

We're pleased to anounce that Battersea Saratoga (Statesmans Signature X Battersea Nica) has been sold to Natalie Hines. Her previous owner, Maggie Powers, has gone off to college. Congratulations to Natalie and good luck to Maggie!

January 28, 2013

Hunny Jan 2013
(Photo Credit: Pics of You)

Hunny (PVF Peace Of Mind (Statesmans Signature x JPR Have Mercy) won the Nature's Coast Horse Driving Trials held in Bronson, FL January 18-20th, 2013, with her owner & National & International Champion driver Suzy Stafford of Stafford Carriage Driving.

Hunny's 6 now, and won both the Little Everglades & Live Oak Prelim
Single Horse CDE's in 2012 for Suzy. Hunny turned in the best dressage
score of the entire competition, and the best cones score at Nature's
Coast this past weekend. She was Prelim Single Horse Champion for her

We liked this breeding so much that we did it again, and Deb Kieffer's
JPR Have Mercy is again in foal to Sigi, with this foal scheduled to
drop May 2013.

In addition, Courage To Lead (Katy), dam of Lead With Courage (Libby), b. 2011 (Statesmans Signature x Courage To Lead), will be inducted into the first Equus/USEF Equestrian Hall Of Fame in March 2013! We are hoping that Bev Lesher's Libby will follow in her dam's hoofprints. Congrats to Suzy Stafford, Katy's driver, on this momentous achievement!


January 15, 2013

We received this lovely note from Joyce Mabry , who owns Battersea Tatum (Statesmans Signature X Battersea Emaline) aka "Maggie"...

Hi Marthe, Trust last year ended well and this year is going grand. Wanted to let you know I've decided not to sell Maggie. I was down in North Carolina this past weekend and had the opportunity to ride her, a couple of times. We did mostly walk, but did a little trot also. Her trot is so wonderful and smooth, I sat it without effort. My friend Wendy Shugol, who you met at Lynn Shpak's place, was with me and watched our partnership. At a walk I was able to do a leg yield and a shoulder in, which I have never done before. Maggie was so willing to move off my leg, it brought tears to my eyes. You haven't met me yet, but I have a disability and my legs are almost worthless., but Maggie listened... Wendy said it reminded her of SIGI and his leg yields, big crossovers. I'm not ready for the canter yet, as she is very forward moving and I need to get a little more confidence in myself before asking for faster movements. I know with practice she will slow down, but right now the walk and trot are what I can handle. For a horse to do movements from just seat and "noodle" legs, I say she is a keeper! I'll keep in touch. Sigi has produced another good one!!!

~ Joyce Mabry-Overmyer


October 25th 2012

STATESMANS LIBERTINE (Statesmans Signature x EMR Starfire (Iron Forge Starman) was born on June 1, 2012. At 3+ months she's bay, no white, exactly like her sire Sigi. She just been weaned without incident and resides in Montana until at least June of 2013. Great bone, magnificent shoulder, canter is her preferred gate. Ta-Ta loves people and other horses. It's is exciting to watch her grow and develop as in the photos! Her maternal grandsire is the great Grand Prix Morgan IRON FORGE STARMAN. This is the first cross between the Statesman and Iron Forge lines, and Ta-Ta does not disappoint!

Tata with Mom

Tata stand

In June, Sigi and I earned our USDF Bronze medal.

Bronze Medal

Sigi's filly PVF PEACE OF MIND (a/k/a Hunny) has been so successful in her CDE career with Suzy Stafford thus far that we have bred back to JPR HAVE MERCY, Hunny's dam. The expected foal has already been purchased by Suzy Stafford of Stafford Carriage Driving in-utero. We cannot wait to see what the stork will bring in the summer of 2013!

At the end of September, Sigi and I came in 9th place out of 24 rides at the Region 8 USDF/GAIG Third Level Adult Amateur Championships! We won the Individual Morgan Breed Class with a 77% for the fourth year in a row at the NEDA Breed Show.

Please click on this link to join us in celebrating some great end-of-2012 year news!!

Thanks again to Sigi for another great year of breeding, showing, winning and being a magnificent example of the Morgan Sport Horse.


Summer 2012

We hope you enjoy this video of PVF PEACE OF MIND ('Hunny') & Suzi Stafford in training. Hunny (Statesmans Signature x JPR Have Mercy) and Suzy have won the Prelim Single Horse divisions at both Live Oak & Little Everglades this year!


Winter 2012

Sigi resides at Knoll Farm during the winters. We began showing Third level in January 2012, and earned our scores first time out to accomplish our USDF Bronze Medal requirements! In addition, some news about Sigi's filly, Hunny, as below.

Champion Driver Suzy Stafford and Morgan Mare, PVF Peace of Mind (STATESMANS SIGNATURE X JPR HAVE MERCY) Take Home the Win at the 2012 Little Everglades International Combined Driving Event.

Hunny at The Everglades

Dade City, FL- Gold Medal driver Suzy Stafford had stellar performances in 2011 winning the IFSHA National Friesian driving Championship and the second consecutive Individual Bronze medal for the United States. Stafford has started 2012 with a promising future with her young Morgan horse, PVF Peace of Mind or "Hunny" as she is known by her closest friends. Stafford and Hunny finished dressage at the top of the leader board at the Little Everglades Combined Driving Event, earning the best dressage score in their division. "Hunny is the most settled young horse I have ever worked with," Stafford said. "She is five years old, but she goes into the arena as if she has been doing this for years. I am really looking forward to her progress as she develops and gets stronger." Stafford and Hunny held onto their lead through the marathon and cones day. The pair put in a double clear round being one of the few and far between. Stafford recalls the course was very technical with many challenging turns and a time that was hard to make. Stafford has proven over the years that she has the ability to find and develop young driving horses, driving them into the winner's circle at national and international events. "I am excited about Hunny because she is a lovely mover with great character, a good mind and correct conformation." Stafford said. "My goal with Hunny is to move her up through the levels of Combined Driving with plans for the International stage!" Stafford, who operates Stafford Carriage Driving out of Chester County, Pennsylvania, was the youngest and first American driver to win an Individual Gold Medal with Cefnoakpark Bouncer at the 2005 World Pony Driving Championships in England. Since then she has continued to drive to success, being named the 2005 Driver of the Year by Chronicle of the Horse, winning the 2008 and 2009 National Single Pony Championship with Courage to Lead, and being awarded the Becky Hart Trophy in 2009. In 2011, Stafford's Miss Josephine put in a brilliant performance at the 2011 FEI World Pony Driving Championships in Slovenia where they were awarded with the Individual Bronze Medal, Stafford's second consecutive Individual Bronze. For more information on Stafford, visit her website at Photo: Champion Driver Suzy Stafford and PVF Peace of Mind during their double clean cones round to win the Little Everglades Combined Driving Event in Dade City, FL Photo Credit: Anita Jansen

September 25, 2011

A Note from My Aunt & Uncle******
Hi Joan and Marthe,

This is what we spoke to Joan about today.

Imagine our surprise when we opened our "Springfield Sun" newspaper and on the front page of the "Ticket" Section was a picture of Marthe and Sigi.

The complete article is here:

We have attached the Front Page as it is not included in the above Article.

Love to all,


Devon Front Page Photo


September 19, 2011

Sigi won Open Reserve Champion Stallion at the 2011 NEDA Region 8 Fall Festival Breed Show Championships in Saugerties, NY.

SCORES: 81.55 from judge Christof Hess, breaking his highest score to date of 78.5, garnered from Hess this week at the NEDA Qualifying Breed Show. 78.1 from judge Kristi Wysocki. Sigi scored an 8.4 from Hess for confirmation; 8.3 for his walk; 7.6 for his trot and 8.2 for General Impression.

In-hand scores in the 80's are Warmblood territory. B ut Sigi is a Morgan horse (the original American warmblood) who is scoring competitively!

Sigi also won the Morgan Individual Breed Class with his highest IBC score to date of 85.00 with a 9 for conformation; 8.5 for his walk; 8.0 for trot; and 8.5 for General Impression. Judge Hess and Wysocki's comments included: 'Very good type Morgan; good points; very good harmony in body; good interior and good natural suppleness.'

I have to thank our trainer, Louisa-Marcelle Eadie of LME Dressage ( for her fantastic work conditioning Sigi, and teaching me to ride him. And thank-you's to Sara Vanecek, an amazing handler,

Marthe Reynolds LLC


NEDA 2011

Above pictures is of Sigi and Sara Vanecek in last year's Region 8 Breed Show Championships for the New England Dressage Association (NEDA)

July 11, 2011

Lead With Courage, a chestnut filly born to the international Bronze medal winning Morgan mare Courage To Lead (Katy), and sired by dressage champion Statesman's Signature (Sigi), was foaled on July 5, 2011 at 9:45PM in Pennsylvania, reports her owner Beverly Lesher.

Courage To Lead was one of seven USEF Horse Of The Year nominees in 2009; her National and International Gold medalist driver, Suzy Stafford, was also one of seven USEF Equestrians of the year in 2009. Stafford is currently long-listed for the World Cup FEI Pony Driving finals in Slovenia in 2011.

"Katy" was retired from competition in 2010 and began her career in the breeding shed when she was paired with Sigi to create a new combined driving dynasty.

Sigi, owned and competed by Marthe Reynolds, and bred by LLC, has begun an alternate career in siring competitive driving champions. His filly PVF Peace Of Mind (Statesman's Signature x JPR Have Mercy) was purchased in 2010 by Suzy Stafford's sponsor, and won her first Open competitive driving championship in June 2011 at just four years of age.

Sigi and Marthe train with noted young Silver medalist and FEI dressage trainer Louisa-Marcelle Eadie of LME Dressage ( in North Salem, NY and Chuluota, FL.



Libby Tail



July 1, 2011

Hi Martha!

I wanted to send you some updated pictures of Sigi's 2006 filly Sprite.
She has matured so nicely I thought I'd send you some new photos. Sprite is everything you could possibly want from a Sigi baby - smart, sane, sound, sensitive, and a beautiful mover. I have been introducing her to jumping and my jumper instructor is blown away by her athleticism and work ethic. She
doesn't usually care for non-TB/WB type horses but absolutely adores
Sprite! The "action" photo is from the first day we started jumping
her, she's usually a little more correctly in the bridle but it's the
best picture I have of her beautiful trot.

Just though you might like the update. :-) Thanks for having a
stallion who throws such wonderful babies!

Alexis Soutter
Wednesday July 1, 2011

Sprite trot

Sprite standing


June 15, 2011

Hi Martha,

Attached pictuer of Baron, age 3. Just did a 9.5 mile ride at Mohonk with his momma. In true Morgan style, this boy's gonna do it all. His shoulder and set of his neck are getting rather perfect for a sport-horse as his topline levels out.

Now standing 14.3 and counting.

Laurel Gross
Two Hearts Ranch
Rosedale, New York

Baron Age 3


June 2011:

Suzy Stafford And PVF Peace of Mind Win Single Horse Championship and High Point Morgan Horse Award at Brandywine Carriage Driving Show

Hunny Brandywine

Photo Above: Suzy Stafford, a National and World Champion Combined Driver who has been long-listed for the 2011 FEI World Pony Driving Championships, competed PVF Peace of Mind at the Brandywine Carriage Driving Show. Peace of Mind and Stafford drove away with the Single Horse Championship, the High Point Morgan Horse award and won the American Morgan Horse Association (AMHA) High Point Trophy. (Photo courtesy of Lisa Tossey) Chester County, PA

(June 14, 2011) – Gold medalist combined driver Suzy Stafford and her young equine partner PVF Peace of Mind (Statesmans Signature X JPR Have Mercy) showed the driving world that age is only a number during the Brandywine Carriage Driving Show. At only four years of age, and at her first recognized driving show, Peace of Mind, or Hunny, drove away with the Single Horse Championship, the High Point Morgan Horse award and won the American Morgan Horse Association (AMHA) High Point Trophy.

“Hunny is the most settled young horse I have ever worked with,” Stafford said. “She is only four years old, but she arrives on the show grounds as if she has been doing this for years. I am really looking forward to her progress as she develops and gets stronger.”

Stafford, who has been long-listed for the 2011 FEI World Pony Driving Championships with her registered half Arabian mare Miss Josephine, said a sponsor purchased Hunny for her in the spring of 2010 from Deborah Keiffer of Parlor View Farm in New York. “I had been looking for a quality young horse to bring along and Hunny had all of the attributes I was looking for,” Stafford said.
Stafford has proven over the years that she has the ability to find and develop young driving horses, driving them into the winner’s circle at national and international events. “I am excited about Hunny because she is a lovely mover with great character, a good mind and correct conformation,” Stafford said. “My goal with Hunny is to move her up through the levels of Combined Driving and see how far it takes us!”

If Hunny and Stafford make it to the top, it won’t be the first time for the determined driver with the mega-watt smile. Stafford has been competing at the World Pony Driving Championships since 2005, an event that takes place every two years. In 2005 she won an Individual Gold Medal with Cefnoakpark Bouncer, followed by a Team Bronze in 2007 with Bouncer and an Individual Bronze with Courage To Lead in 2009. “The 2011 World Pony Driving Championships are being held in Slovenia and this will be Miss Josephine’s first international competition. My goal, just like every other year, is to represent the United States to the best of my ability and bring home medals,” Stafford said.

Stafford and Josephine have already proven they have the ability to drive into the winner’s circle, and earlier this year they won the Triple Crown of Driving for being the most consistent competitors at the Live Oak International, the Sunshine State CDE and Little Everglades CDE. “Driving is my passion and I am thrilled that I have a team of sponsors, friends and supporters that help me to do what I love best,” Stafford said.

In addition to being an award-winning combined driver, Stafford is a highly sought-after clinician. She recently judged the Brandywine Valley Driving Club’s Continuous Driving Schooling Event. “I love giving back to the local driving club,” Stafford said. Stafford operates her Stafford Carriage Driving facility out of Chester County in Pennsylvania from April to December and is stationed in Aiken, South Carolina from January through April. To learn more about Stafford, visit her website at


June 2011: We received this note from Suzy Stafford of Stafford Carriage Driving in Coatesville, Pennsylvania about Hunny's show debut!

Hi Martha,

Hunny survived her first real driving show. She won the dressage with a 35., 12 points in the lead. She was great in the cones and in the marathon. I did take my time with her on the X-country as she is not that fit and I wanted to walk her a bit in between the obstacles. She was awesome. She acted like she's been to 100 horse shows. Nothing bothered her!

She is on to a pleasure show on Sunday to put in a few more easy show miles until she matures a bit more. Next year she will have a full show schedule.

Hunny June 2011

February 2011:

**CONGRATULATIONS TO 2010 ADEQUAN/USDF AMHA ALL-BREED WINNERS REGAN "Maggie" POWERS AND BATTERSEA SARATOGA ("Toga") on their Reserve Championship Training Level Jr/Young Riders with a 64.400! "Toga" is by STATESMANS SIGNATURE x BATTERSEA NICA, and owned and ridden by Maggie. We are very proud of them!**

The 2011 show season is about to begin for us in Florida. We will ride
Third-1 in Wellington at the Wellington Classic II March 10-13 in
Wellington. Wish us luck! But as we know, "luck" is really in the

Sigi won the Morgan Individual Breed Class at Dressage At Devon in
September. We had 6 entries in the class, double last year's entries,
and it is most exciting to have a blue ribbon from a Devon horse show,
as I grew up watching the hunter/jumpers in the Dixon Oval in the
60's. The Morgan Dressage Association members sponsored the class
again this year, and we will be going again in September of 2011. More
info to come about the class as I get it.

Sigg again won the 2010 Adequan/All-Breeds DSHB (Dressage Sport Horse
Breeding) Championship, Stallions 4 & Older with a score of 75.300%
(AMHA). In addition, we won the 2010 Adequan/USDF All-Breeds
Championship Second Level Adult Amateur (AMHA), and Reserve Champion
Second Level Open for same. The Morgan Dressage Association (MDA) gave
us the Award Of Excellence for Second Level Amateur, and Reserve Award
Of Excellence for Second Level Open, and Award Of Excellence for
Morgan Sport Horse Stallions 4 & Over. In addition, we were blessed
with a $500.00 Scholarship from the MDA for 2011 to assist with our
training for the 2011 season. We are extremely grateful.

A pitch for the MDA; please go to to apply for
a yearly membership! It is only 10.00 for Jr/Young Riders, and 15.00
for Seniors, the least-expensive item you can buy for dressage and it
gives the most back. Please visit the website, as the MDA awards
yearly scholarships to Morgan dressage riders, puts out a quarterly
newsletter filled with great and timely info about its members, and
gives out yearly Awards Of Excellence, amongst other things.

I will let you know of Sigi's Third Level progress. We are also
working on a freestyle put together by our trainer, Louise-Marcelle
Eadie, to debut later this year.

Sigi & I hope all of your are enjoying your Morgans! We look forward
to a very special foal being born later this year. More about that

Sigi having trouble holding his head up after Region 8 Championships...

Sigi and ribbons 2010

September 2010; A Great End to a Great 2010 Show Season!

Hello, All! Hope you had a splendid summer! Sigi ended the 2010 show season as Reserve Champion Stallion for Region 8, and placed 4th in the Stallion/Gelding/Colt Futurity. That means we were the 4th Highest-Scoring Male horse at the NEDA Breed Show, and we beat a significan amount of Warmbloods for this honor and also won some *money*!!! Yahoo! Well, it paid for his braids and my trainer's gas to get to the showgrounds to coach us in our classes.

Sigi also won the Morgan Individual Breed Class for the second year running. Region 8's Championships were held at the NEDA Fall Festival in Saugerties, NY, September 14-19th. In the performance section, Sigi and Marthe placed 4th in the Region 8 Second Level Championships, our highest placing in the Regionals yet. Marthe and Sigi train with up & coming Grand Prix rider & trainer Louisa Marcelle Eadie of North Salem, NY.

It was exciting to get a verbal pronouncement of "Beautiful!" from judge Lois Yukins after our 2-4 Championship ride, and we were awarded a 63%+ from her! In addition, Michael Barisone of New Jersey approached us and complimented our forward riding; both he and his wife (a noted Grand Prix trainer) were hugely impressed by Sigi and his movement in our warmup. To that I owe all to my trainer, Louisa. She took us from Training to Second Level so far, and we are now beginning Third Level. Louisa will be part of a panel of trainers weighing in on "Training Morgan Horses In Upper Level Dressage" to appear in The Morgan Horse Magazine in their Sporthorse issue. Other members of the trainers' panel will be: Sally Anderson (Iron Forge Starman); Pam Maloof (trainer of two Morgan FEI competition ponies); Cindi Rose Wylie (Audacity); Bill Broe (Rosevale Leggo); and more to be announced. I will make sure to attach the article to Sigi's page when it appears!

We are on our way to Dressage at Devon on Sept. 29th for our last class of 2010. The Morgan IBC Class has 6 entries this year, up from just 3 last year! Included is Sigi's gorgeous colt, Middlecreek Signature ("Stoli"); and Lucy Tidd's PSG stallion GKB COAL MAGIC, who she is also riding in the performance section of DAD! Full report to follow!

NEDA 2010

April 2010:

Sigi enjoyed life in Central Florida for the winter season. We showed Second Level Tests 1 & 2 in Venice, FL and Wellington, scoring in the mid-sixties. We placed First, Second and won two Reserve Championships in Wellington, so had a satifying start to the 2010 show season up North! Some very special news about one of Sigi's fillies, PVF PEACE OF MIND ("Hunny") follows! We hope to see you at some of the breed shows, and a few Morgan shows, very soon!

March 2010

**************FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE****************

Suzy Stafford of Bear, DE, three-time winner (including 2009)of the National Single Pony Championship Gold Medal in Combined Driving; 2005 FEI World Champion (England); 2009 winner of the Individual Bronze medal at the FEI World Combined Pony Driving Championship in Germany; and a 2009 USEF Equestrian of Honor, has completed the purchase, with her sponsor, of PVF PEACE OF MIND ("Hunny"), a 3-year old Morgan mare sired by NYState-based Champion Morgan Sporthorse stallion STATESMANS SIGNATURE ("Sigi"). Her Morgan dam is JPR HAVE MERCY; "Hunny" was previously owned by Deb Kieffer of Parlor View Farm. Suzy intends to use "Hunny" as her new partner in combined driving competition. They will train in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and aim to compete in Europe. Suzy also received the 2009 Becky Grand Hart Trophy, presented to international-level non-Olympic Athletes. Suzy Stafford was also awarded the International Morgan Horse award in 2009. Her singles driving companion is the Champion Morgan mare Courage to Lead ("Katy"), a 2009 Farnam/Platform USEF Horse of the Year nominee, and winner of the 2009 Kentucky Classic CDE with Suzy. For more information on Suzy Stafford please visit For further information about STATESMANS SIGNATURE ("Sigi"), please contact Marthe Reynolds go to

******"Sigi" and his AA owner/rider Marthe Reynolds are members of AMHA; USDF; USEF; MDA; and NEDA.*****

January 2010

NEWSFLASH....Sigi and I were just named as AMHA Reserve Champion First Level for the USDF All Breed Adult Amateur catagory for 2009!!! Congrats to SIGI, he totally ROCKS!!!

Sigi and Marthe on the cover of Sigi and Marthe on the front cover of Horsemen's Yankee Pedlar, August 2009!

October 2009

Sigi had a big win at NEDA (September 9-13), as he was named GAIG/USDF Breeders Class Reserve Champion Stallion for Region 8 at the 2009 NEDA Fall Festival in Saugerties, NY.

Sigi NEDA Reserve Champion Photo Sigi GAIG/USDF Reserve Champion Stallion Region 8 NEDA 2009
Photo credit: Carole MacDonald

Sigi also won the Morgan Individual Breed Class this year! We won our 2nd Level Test 1 class later in the week, as well as placed 3rd the second time we rode the test in very mucky circumstances!!

September 23-24th, it was on to Dressage At Devon in Devon, PA for the Breed Show and Stallions Under Saddle class. DAD is attended by over 35,000 spectators every year and is one of the largest breed shows in the nation, arguably the most prestigious. I was able to get a group together to sponsor a Morgan Individual Breed Class (IBC Class) this year; it had been several years since Morgans appeared at Devon. There we 3 of us: Sigi; his yearling colt Middlecreek Signature ("Stoli"); and his half brother Battersea Xanadu. There in front of his breeder, Lynne Shpak; Rita Hanson; Meghan Davis and her parents and a big and enthusiastic group of Morgan supporters, Sigi's colt "Stoli" beat his Daddy in the Morgan IBC Class!!! This is GREAT news, as Sigi is throwing babies even better than himself (if that is possible ;). Sigi and Xanadu came in 2nd and 3rd, respectively. We hope for a vast number of Morgans next year for this IBC Class, so please bring them out!

Sigi also placed 7th overall in the Open Stallions 4 & Older in-hand class, beating Kassie Barteau's GP Raymeister (a Warmblood) in the process!! Thanks to Sara Vanecek for her amazing handling of Sigi in all the breed classes this year. Sigi and I placed 8th in the Stallions Under Saddle Class 4 & Over; it was amazing to ride in the Dixon Oval, a dream come true for me as I watched the hunter jumpers there for many years in my pre-teen years.

That will complete our 2009 show season, but we hope to see you at Equine Affaire in Massachusetts in November as we've been asked back to Morgan Row for another year!

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